The Green Homes Grant Scheme is a new scheme introduced by the UK Government for use in homes in England to help stimulate the economy whilst improving energy efficiency of the housing stock. The scheme is designed to enable homeowners and landlords to upgrade their homes and properties with approved energy-saving methods, such as our Foam Spray Insulation.

By using methods such as insulation, homes across England can become more energy-efficient through reduction of their energy consumption and associated carbon emissions, whilst also saving homeowners money.


UK SPRAY INSULATION LTD is an official Lapolla's Foam Spray Insulation installer and approved PAS2030 installer for:


The government vouchers will cover two-thirds of the cost of your eligible home improvements, up to a maximum contribution of £5,000. Some households receiving certain benefits could be entitled to up to 100% of the cost of home improvements, up to a maximum value of £10,000.

Check if you're eligible for a Green Home Grant here

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You may be eligible if you live in England and own your own home (long leaseholders and shared ownership included)

You’re a residential landlord in the private or social rented sector (including local authorities and housing associations)

You own your own park home on a residential site.


It couldn't be easier to apply for your loft & cavity wall insulation under the Government Green Homes grant and here at UK Spray Insulation Ltd we'll do all the hard work for you, to ensure a smooth process from enquiry to completing your install.

Get in touch with us for your FREE no obligation quote. We’ll try and provide as much detail over the phone if you’re able to send us measurements and details of your loft and cavity wall, to include a few photographs.

If required, we’ll complete a full loft & cavity wall survey at your home and leave you with a quote. We’ll also talk you through the installation process and what to expect on the day.

When you’re ready to proceed, we’ll send your details on how you can now apply for your voucher online and schedule a date for your new insulation to be installed.

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When does the Green Homes Grant scheme start?

Applications for the scheme are available from the end of September 2020

When does the scheme end?

The scheme will end – with all work having to be completed – by March 31st 2022

What measures are included on the Green Homes Grant?

Primary measures include:

  1. Insulation (solid wall, cavity wall, under-floor, loft, flat roof, room in roof, park home)
  2. Low Carbon Heat (air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, solar thermal). Please note, this does not include Solar PV for electricity generation

Secondary measures include:

  1. Draft proofing
  2. Windows and doors (double/triple glazing where replacing single glazing, secondary glazing in addition to single glazing, upgrading to energy-efficient doors where replacing doors installed prior to 2002)
  3. Heating controls and insulation (appliance thermostats, hot water tank thermostats, hot water tank insulation, smart heating controls, zone controls, delayed start thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves)

Note that to qualify for funding, at least one primary measure must be selected. The subsidy amount for the secondary measure will be capped at the amount received for the primary measure.

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